Power Flush Liverpool

Over time, your central heating system can become blocked by sludge and other deposits. This means your system works harder to heat your home, wasting energy and costing you money. If your boiler is noisy, your radiators and inefficient or your energy bills are high, then Powerflush Liverpool have the answer.

What is a Powerflush?

A Powerflush is an effective method of cleaning central heating systems. It uses eco-friendly and anti-corrosion cleaning chemicals to fully clean your system. This will stop damage to your boiler and radiators, and make heating your home more efficient.

Our qualified engineer will drain your system and then flush all the components with the specialised cleaning chemical. The system is then treated with corrosion inhibitor than will give your system a longer life and will prevent further damage.

The Powerflush process will be finished within a day and is run from one central point, so there is no need to worry about moving carpets or furniture.

How can a Powerflush help my central heating system?

A Powerflush will make your heating more efficient, reducing your energy bills. This will not only save you money but will make your home more environmentally friendly.

You will experience a better flow of heat and hot water around your home, eliminating problems of radiator cold spots and boiler noise.

By making sure you have a clean central heating system, you can extend the life of your boiler and radiators. The heating times of both will be reduced, and by avoiding further damage from sludge and corrosion your system will last longer.

A Powerflush will save you money on heating bills and increase the longevity of your boiler system, helping to avoid costly repairs.

Call for a quote now to see how a Powerflush could help your central heating system.