Replacing your Hot Water Cylinder

Replacing your Hot Water Cylinder

Not every home has a combination boiler, some of the new build homes have been built for efficiency and have things such as underfloor heating or solar energy. It’s also becoming popular to use ground source heat pumps to help with the overall central heating.

for homes with a conventional boiler they will use an alternative source for the their hot water and this is usually via a water storage tank. But what happens when your cylinder packs in and stops working? And how would you know that its the tank causing the problem?

There are two things you may notice; one may be that the water is not getting hot any-more and this could be down to the immersion being faulty, the other issue will be a leak and trust me you will notice this sooner than later.

Immersion heaters are basically elements that heat up the hot water and are screwed into the storage cylinder. These are easily removed and quickly replaced by a plumber and cost around £15 – £25 depending on where you purchase it from.

If you have a leak from the vessel of the hot water cylinder then you will need to get this replaced. Most customers will always ask a plumber if they can patch it up and the answer is no. Luckily, hot water cylinders are not that expensive and range from £120 upwards depending on the size and type of cylinder.

We purchase all our water cylinders from here:

This is one of the few places where you get a choice of tank in terms of brand and size and will actually allow you to customise your hot water cylinder.